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12:00 nn - 10:00 pm

Streetwear giant A BATHING APE has become one of the leading Japanese fashion labels since it was founded in 1993. Using the face of an ape as its logo and the classic moniker “Ape shall never kill ape” from the movie Planet of the Apes, the label has been embraced by fashion lovers with its urban and hip hop style. In S/S 2012, A BATHING APE has launched a brand new collection - AAPE BY A BATHING APE. Full of energy and vitality, the new collection targets the younger generation, showing simple, casual, yet trendy design. To continue A BATHING APE’s constant innovation, AAPE BY A BATHING APE will begin its collaboration journey with international trendy brands in launching various limited editions, which are bound to cause sensations citywide.

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