Lemongrass Bakery

Shop L1-KIOSK K1 / 5926 0312 Floor Plan

Opening Hours:
10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Lemongrass is a weed-like plant that can grow in large patches on infertile soil. Lemongrass Bakery was founded in 2021 by Hong Kong Michelin Pastry Master King Poon, specializing in the design and production of premium pastries with innovative flavors, it owns a 3,500ft licensed food factory locates in Kwun Tong. Named with Lemongrass, it symbolizes the spirit of Hongkongers' constantly striving to become stronger. Even if the market is not clear, we can still go upstream - this is Hongkonger.

Lemongrass Bakery is mainly engaged in weddings, openings, celebrations, festivals, events, farewell cakes, as well as wedding cakes coupons, in addition to providing pastries wholesale for hotels, coffee shops, high-end restaurants, etc.; we also offer customized OEM services and baking classes.

Actual opening hours may vary, please contact shop for details.