Her own words

Shop L1-39 / 2808 1990 Floor Plan


Opening Hours:
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Established in 2011,Her own words is a lifestyle lingerie brand  with mission on " engineered for comfort",our lab is buzzing with the energy of expert innovators,innovating patented cushion wire,plastic wire,invisible wing,100% free cute etc.Our products have won numerous design awards including Red Dot Design Award and German IF Design Award,from  fabrics and forms to specialized features,we set out to create simple,elevated essentials that provide comfort and optimal support.Using the science of support,security and shape,we brought them to the frontline of freedom- finally free from scratching,squeezing,twisting and turning. Her own words  is all about bring together quality,integrity and technological innovation to design pieces for true carefree comfort.

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