Festival Walk (2011) Limited is fully committed to environmental protection by constantly managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We provide guidance to our employees and other stakeholders to act in an environmentally responsible manner through reference to this Policy. 

This Policy covers the following areas: 


  • Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements and environmental standards in the respective jurisdictions of our operations.  

  • Maintain and keep our environmental policies and management systems up to date. 

Sustainable Building and Operations 

  • Promote the use of environmental friendly materials, technologies and practices in project design and construction and in the operation and maintenance of buildings.  

  • Obtain green building labels or other sustainable building certification for our projects, where applicable.  

  • Avoid contributing to air, water and waste pollution and make every possible effort to prevent environmental accidents. 

Use of Resources 

  • Improve energy efficiency and adopt renewable energy.  

  • Conserve water and improve water efficiency.  

  • Encourage the efficient use of materials to minimize waste generation. 


  • Protect the surrounding biodiversity and minimize natural habitat disturbance during all operations.  

  • Support and work with other parties to promote awareness of biodiversity conservation among stakeholders. 

Climate Change and Carbon Management 

  • Monitor and minimize greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain.  

  • Consider the impact of climate change on our business and operations when making decisions.  

Engagement with Stakeholders 

  • Promote environmental awareness among employees, suppliers, contractors, tenants, customers and the public.  

  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the promotion and implementation of environmental best practices.  

  • Prioritize suppliers and contractors with environmentally sound practices and management. 

Monitoring and Reporting 

  • Establish, monitor and review environmental targets for continuous improvement.  

  • Assess and report on material environmental performance on annual basis.  

  • Review this policy periodically for adequacy and effectiveness, as appropriate.