Shop L2-30 / 2777 5168 Floor Plan

Opening Hours:
8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Founded in Hong Kong in 2007, simplylife serves freshly baked European style handmade bakery products and simple food. Less is more at simplylife. We practice our mantra of doing fewer things well by combining the freshest ingredients with our unique style of cooking expertise.

Our cake room at Festival Walk is placed in full view of our guests, behind a waist to ceiling glass window next to the entrance. Here, expert bakers beautify each cake only with the freshest ingredients; every cake is a superb piece of craftsmanship. Fresh trays of the renowned croissants, danishes and sumptuous fruit tarts are served right out from the oven several times a day and are the perfect treats for all hours of the day.

Beyond the bakery, simplylife's open kitchen is busily serving a range of salads, handmade pastas, burgers, pizzas and other hot meals. The aroma from the cooking, baking and coffee brewing brings out a true dining experience of a roadside European café.

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Actual opening hours may vary, please contact shop for details.