Shop LG1-30 / 3971 3208 Floor Plan

Opening Hours:
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

MUJI Festival Walk Store features an all-rounded good enough living concept, offering a wide range of garment, household goods and food, together with Café&Meal MUJI and MUJI BOOKS, to accommodate different customers’ needs and provide them life inspiration for an organized living.
Café&Meal MUJI promotes the concept of "Deli of Original Natural Flavour". With wide range selection of seasonal ingredients, it uses simple cooking method to maintain the original taste of the ingredients, offering customers healthy cold and hot deli, dessert, special drinks and light meals, meeting the nutrition needs of people for well-balanced diet. 
With the concept of "Always lives with the Golden Quotes", MUJI BOOKS uses books as a communication tool to incorporate into home living goods in the store to enlighten the life with discovery and hint for a comfortable living.

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Actual opening hours may vary, please contact shop for details.